The Bregman Veterinary Group has four locations that are full service veterinary hospitals. We offer a full array of preventative veterinary medicine including wellness exams, vaccines, FELV/FIV and Heartworm testing, and flea and parasite control. We perform many different surgical procedures at the facility including spays, neuters, and soft tissue and orthopedic surgery enhanced by the availability of a Surgical Laser. We also offer advanced imaging that includes Xray and Ultrasound. All of our images are digitized and sent via the internet to a board certified radiologist. We maintain state of the art veterinary practices and offer a wide array of veterinary medical and surgical services.

* Wellness exams and routine vaccine protocols
* Routine surgical procedures including spay and neuters
* Dental prophylaxis with Digital Dental X-RAY
* Veterinay medicine including laboratory evaluation of blood urine and tissue
* Advanced imaging including digital radiology and ultrasound with the incorporation of board certified radiologists to review the images
* Endoscopic procedures and biopsy of the upper gastrointestinal tract
* Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery including bone plating
* Surgical CO2 Lasers that decrease pain, swelling, bleeding and recovery time
* Prescription pet foods for many metabolic diseases by Hills, Purina and Royal Canin
* Feline Boarding