We use laparoscopic equipment for minimally invasive dog spays in particular.

Laparoscopy (also known as minimally invasive surgery or videoscopic surgery) has allowed surgeons to perform the same procedures as in traditional open surgery, using small incisions (keyhole surgery) instead of large abdominal incisions.  Studies have shown major benefits to the patient in terms of reduced post operative pain, increased post operative comfort, reduced hospital stay and quicker return to normal physical activities. Improved cosmesis and reduced wound complications associated with large scars are also major advantages associated with this technique.

Please follow this link to see the Fox News Video of our Minimally Invasive Dog Spay Procedure.  We offer this procedure at the Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  We also have the ability to biopsy organs and masses in the abdomen with this minimally invasive technique.